Coaching Brief
This information will help me understand where you are with your career, where you wish to go, and what you perceive as the current issues with getting there.
What is your preferred name? *

What is your phone number? *

What is your mailing address?

I will only use this to send happy notes or gifts, not for spam or other gross advertising.
Tell me about the thing / event that brought you to the decision to start something of your own.

This could be the event that gave you your business idea, or an event that happened five years ago which totally shifted your life path.
What is the name of your company (if you have one)? *

If you're still deciding on a name, just say "deciding".
If your business name is your self-brand, just say "self".
What do you love about what you do (or what you plan to do)? *

What was the passion, the spark, that led you to this work?  What about it gets you out of bed in the morning?
What do you dislike about your work? *

What gives you a sense of dread?  What bothers you, or makes you feel like giving up despite your passion?
Ideally, what does your life & career look like one year from today (given that everything falls into place)? *

Will you be traveling?  Serving 10 / 100 / 1,000 clients?  Changing lives?  Launching your dream business?  Know for a fact that you are on the right path?
What needs to be strengthened in order for you to acheive that goal? *

It's ok if you're not sure right now -- just tell me what you know so far.
What have you tried so far to acheive your goal?

Who is your ideal client / customer? *

Offer as much detail as you can at this point.
What is unique about what you do? *

Why would I choose your work over someone else's?
What is your main motivation to work with me? *

What do you hope to acheive from our work together?
What are you preferred methods of communication? *

Please include their information (Skype handle, phone number, etc.).
Which program are you interested in?

Thank you!  I'll be in touch soon to schedule our meeting.

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